Frequently Asked Questions

I follow a specific diet that isn’t a typical Paleo diet (e.g. vegetarian, Kosher, pescetarian). Will I be able to use the meal plan generator and get recipes that suit my preferences?

There are a number of meal plan options that cover Autoimmune, GAPS friendly, low carbohydrate, and more. Kosher is not a plan, however, it is one of the “ingredients” users can check to avoid foods that aren’t Kosher. You can remove pork, beef, and seafood with the options available. Also, you can now exclude ingredients by keywords. Simply type in the ingredients you don’t want, and they won’t show up in your plans (though they’ll have to be specific. “Meat” won’t work, but “chicken, beef, pork, etc.” will).

Do I need to make a new recipe for each meal when I design a meal plan? That seems like a lot of work.

Not at all! We now offer a leftover function that can help cut down on time in the kitchen. You can replace any meal plan recipe with a new recipe or a box titled “Leftovers.” You can also enter text into that box to remind yourself to use leftovers from the night before, such as a big meal you’ve made over the weekend, or even to mark days of the week that you won’t be cooking (i.e. “Dinner at Tom’s” or “Thai take out!”). You can also generate meal plans by the meal or per day if you don’t want to commit to a full week.

I have food allergies and sensitivities, can this tool provide recipes that exclude certain foods?

Absolutely! In fact, that’s part of the reason we created the Paleo Recipe Generator. You can check off boxes to exclude some of the more common exclusions on a Paleo diet such as nightshades or dairy, but you can also type in a food, such as “strawberry” and the Paleo Recipe Generator will exclude all recipes including that food.

I’m cooking for the whole family, can I make a meal plan that can feed my entire family?

Unfortunately, due to the vast range of sources our recipes come from, there’s no way to adjust serving sizes for each recipe. Most recipes make enough food for a family or to allow for left overs. We’d also suggest you “favorite” big recipes your family likes to allow easy access to them through your dashboard and to ensure these recipes come up more often than others.

Does this tool tell me how many calories and grams of fat, protein and carbohydrates each meal has?

The Paleo Recipe Generator does not include any nutritional information. We prefer you focus on making sure you’re eating the right foods rather than worrying about the numbers!