Make it Paleo. Make it Personal. Make it Easy.

Easy to Start

Choose your settings based on your personal goals.

While it is true that personalization is key, there are still a lot of people with common goals who can use a common starting point. So, we’ve included presets like “30-day Challenge,” “Strict Paleo,” “GAPS,” “Autoimmune,” and others, which you can use to create a Quick Meal Plan. You can also make some instant personal choices on the setup screen, like whether or not you want recipes with nightshades, or if you prefer butter or ghee.


Easy to Use

Get meal plans & shopping lists weekly.

Using the settings you chose on the setup screen, we’ll instantly create meal plans and shopping lists based on delicious recipes from our database of over 700 Paleo-friendly meals and snacks.

  • Get meal plans and shopping lists via email.
  • Send the shopping list to your phone for easy use at the store.
  • View recipes on your computer or tablet device or print them out.
  • View ingredients and measurements (standard, metric and imperial systems).
  • Make notes on recipes for future reference as you go.
Easy to Improve

Explore new meals. Discover and save your favorites.

This is a meal planning tool that lets you improve by applying what you learn as you go. Want to remember that you liked that stew with lamb better than the suggested beef? No problem. Want to note that you used 1/2 C honey instead of maple syrup? You can do that, too. Want to repeat a favorite recipe every Thursday and eat leftovers on Saturday? You can.

  • Generate instant new plans from your presets.
  • Review, reload, and manually adjust any past meal plans.
  • View favorite recipes and your personal recipe notes.
  • Browse new recipes and see notes from other users.
Easy to Customize

Customize your meal plans with drag and drop ease.

You are not at the mercy of a recipe roulette wheel – stuck with whatever random meals the planner pulls for you this week. You can very easily slip in old favorites, or search for and insert new recipes based on keywords. In the mood for salmon this Wednesday? Type it in and hit search. Not sure what you want? Browse the index and pull anything that makes your mouth water right into your meal plan.

  • Swap suggested meals with favorites.
  • Search for new recipes by name or keyword and drag them into your meal plan.
  • Remove meals and designate the spot for leftovers.
  • Create and save new presets to reuse in the future.