Now, Your Personal Paleo Meals Are Just A Click Away.

Paleo meal planning, shopping, and cooking has never been easier – or more personalized.

  • Personalized

    No other meal planner gives you more powerful, point-and-click personalization options.
  • Automated

    Easy setup, instant plans, and automated shopping lists online, via email - and on your mobile device.
  • Easy To Use

    One-click presets, saved favorites, quick meals, customization - as easy as click, drag, and drop.

An Interactive Paleo Cookbook on Steroids

This is not your Grandmother’s recipe box. Nothing against Grandma: we all hope our food tastes as good as hers. But through the power of technology, and based on the science of personalization, you now have a meal planner that blows 3×5 cards out of the water. (And by the way, if you have used our current Meal Plan Generator, this new version blows that out of the water, too.)

  • Personalized meal plans and shopping lists emailed weekly
  • Over 700 delicious Paleo-friendly recipes, and growing
  • Presets for low-carb, strict Paleo, 30-day challenge, and more
  • Powerful, point, click, and drag personalization options
  • Save favorite recipes and add private or public notes







Powerful, Quick Personalization

Now you can click, drag, and drop your way to the perfect meal plan – with the personalization you can’t find anywhere else.

  • Generate meal plans based on common approaches using preset criteria for low-carb, strict Paleo, GAPS, 30-day challenge, auto-immune, and more.
  • Create your preferences and get unique, delicious, meal plans and shopping lists sent to you via email weekly.
New Feature!

Exclude Foods By Keyword

Allergic to strawberries? No problem. Just type “strawberries” in the text field and all recipes with the word strawberries anywhere in the ingredients will be automatically excluded.

Delicious, Easy Recipes

With over 700 recipes, and new recipes added weekly, you’ll never run out of ideas or get bored with your Paleo meals.

  • Includes over 700 popular, delicious, Paleo-friendly recipes and growing.
  • Enjoy both original, professionally-crafted recipes and some of the most popular recipes licensed from your favorite online bloggers and Paleo recipe sites.
  • Search the recipe database by food or recipe.
  • Personalization tools automatically filter and suggest recipes for your meal plan based on your personal settings.
New Feature!

Enhanced Recipe Search

Even though this tool will generate full meal plans with just a couple clicks, you now can also search the database by recipe name or even by ingredient. Craving something with blueberries? Find recipes, choose one and drop it right into your meal plan.

Point, Click & Drag Easy Planning

Imagine coming home at night and not wondering what to make for dinner. Imagine having different Paleo-friendly meals and snacks every day of the week.

The Personal Meal Plan Generator is more than a just meal plan generator – it’s an interactive Paleo cookbook on steroids.

  • Select from preset criteria for low-carb, strict Paleo, GAPS, 30-day challenge, auto-immune, and more.
  • Check boxes for certain foods or food types you don’t want to include, like dairy or nightshades.
  • Manually create customized Paleo-friendly meal plans for a meal, day or week with just a few clicks.
New Feature!

Fine Tune Meal Plans with Ease

  • Manually adjust any plan by dragging and dropping recipes in the meal plan grid.
  • Swap out meals you don’t want for new recipes, or saved favorites.
  • Simply remove meals to designate spots for using leftovers.
Automated, Organized Shopping Lists

From meal plan to shopping list in one click.

The shopping list generator automatically creates your complete shopping list based on your personal meal plans.

  • Lists are organized by food type, making shopping a breeze.
  • Your shopping list is sent to you weekly via email.
  • Print your shopping list or send it to your mobile device.
New Feature!

Get a Mobile-Friendly Shopping List

A “send to phone” button allows you to open your shopping list in a mobile browser and check off each item as you add it to your basket at the store.

Smart Recipe Search & Save

New delicious meals, daily.

You want to know more than just the name of the meal you’re going to try to cook. With the Paleo Recipe Generator, you can make smart recipe choices based on community notes and ratings by other users, save favorites, and make your own private notes on recipes you’ve tried or modified in the past. Find the best meals for your family, save the ones you love, remember what you did, and share your opinion with others.

  • Try new recipes every week and find new favorites.
  • Save your favorite recipes and place them in your future meal plans.
  • Make and save personal notes on your saved recipes.
  • See comments by other users who have tried the recipe before.
  • Delete recipes you don’t want to repeat and drag and drop new or saved recipes into your meal plans.
New Feature!

Saved Meal Plan Presets

Not only can you save a recipe to your favorites to make it easier to find next time, you can also save a set of preferences for generating weekly meal plans. Each week, you can use one of our presets to create a ‘quick plan,’ use your own saved presets, or even create new custom criteria for the week with just a few clicks.